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squeaky green

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homemade in atlanta

we use only the best hand selected ingredients. we value sustainability at every step. from harvest to bottle we practice stewardship when sourcing our materials. our products are never tested on animals. 



our ingredients


Essential Oils

every natural cleaning solution needs a dash of essential oils. Squeaky Green uses all organic and sustainably harvested essential oils. They have antibacterial and antifungal properties with the added bonus of aromatherapy. these oils hold the key to green cleaning.

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the backbone of any natural cleaning solution, tough on:

  • bacteria
  • dirt
  • mildew
  • mold

Castile soap

homemade in Asheville by Green Bee Cleaning 

natural oils

  • linseed oil
  • organic olive oil

a little extra

  • baking soda & limestone & feldspar: can scrub the most stubborn oven grease and most stained shower grout clean in no time 
  • rubbing Alcohol: provides added disinfectant and allows solutions to evaporate quickly for streak free surfaces

our bottles

  • recycled bottles from local bottling operations including golda kombucha
  • spray triggers are made from %100 post consumer plastic
  • labels are purchased from local printing company