Commercial Cleaning



squeaky green stands out

Squeaky Green is an ethical cleaning company born and raised in Atlanta. We care about serving your business because we are your neighbor! We are committed to using products that leave your business sparkling without compromising the health of your customers or employees. Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions, our homemade line of cleaning products, are made in Atlanta with hand selected organic ingredients and are never tested on animals. Not only do our cleaners arrive with everything they need to work their magic but we also provide you with a starter kit of Squeaky Green Cleaning Solutions so you can always clean with the same great products. Our cleaners are the key to our success so they are selected with the same care for quality we use when crafting our solutions. You are guaranteed service with a smile because all of our cleaners are paid a living wage for their hard work. Squeaky Green may use old fashioned cleaning methods but our service is modern! We offer automated text or email reminders, electronic payments, and direct communication with both your cleaning team and Squeaky Green headquarters. We are Atlanta choice for professional green cleaning!


- Squeaky Green charges by the hour so you always know what you are paying for. This allows you to set your own price by setting a time limit. We make it easy to work in an occasional carpet steaming or window cleaning with just one simple invoice.

- Squeaky Green always sends the same cleaners so you can build a relationship with your cleaning team. This allows you to set priorities, rotate different tasks, or work in a deep clean when needed. 

- Squeaky Green Cleaning can save you money! Having several employees clean after their shift for even a half hour can quickly become pricey and create a hassle for management. Save money and get the job done professionally without having to worry about that dreaded Yelp review that mentions the state of your bathrooms. 

- Squeaky Green offers direct communication so you can easily add a cleaning for a special occasion or take a week off from your cleaning schedule. We are always here to to answer your questions!