(read first!) Guide To Giving A Cleaning

(read first!) Guide To Giving A Cleaning


Three easy ways to decide what Gift Card to buy for your loved one!

  1. Pay a 2 hr deposit now and settle up later - Pay a deposit that will cover two hours of cleaning. You are billed for the remaining hours used for cleaning after the clean is completed. This is a good option if you want to make sure the recipient of the gift card gets a deep cleaning of their entire house and you are not sure how long that may take.

  2. Estimate the number of hours the cleaning will take and buy the matching gift card - The easiest way to calculate the number of hours you should purchase is to visit our instant estimate page. You do not need to actually submit the request to calculate cost. Simply fill in the square footage and number of bathrooms and watch the estimate calculator adjust to the information on the right hand side. Take the estimated price and purchase the number of hours whose price most closely matches. Estimate Cleaning Time

  3. Give Squeaky Green a call and we can talk you through it! 404-640-3701 (you can text too!)

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